Cooler Master Built Some Robots

Today we did some robot building with VEX Clawbots. It was a ton of fun and really helped us learn more about this whole robot build process.

Check out the video below:

Thank you so much for hosting FRC Teams at Cooler Master yesterday.

Several Team 980 students are into building and “mod-ing” high performance machines for gaming, video, animation, etc.

Our “core” computer geeks learned a lot from your staff and plan to incorporate your power supplies, thermal management, tower cases, and peripherals into the most capable computer we plan to use. One of Team 980’s summer projects is to build a really hot machine.

We appreciate the time your staff members took to advise our members on component selection and vendors. You certainly are taking “Make it Yours!” to something our team will take full advantage of for CAD and video production.

We look forward to sharing our final design and specs with the community.

Thanks again for hosting the seminar and focus group event!

David, thank you for attending! Without members of the community we wouldn’t be able to hold events like this. I know the team is already excited for other future activities where we can interact with the public on that level.