Cooler Master FIRST Choice

Exciting news. Cooler Master will have an item in FIRST Choice this season.

MasterKeys Pro L RGB

You can read all about it here:

I highly encourage your team to consider this keyboard. It is a great mechanical keyboard for your CAD, programmers, etc. It also has the ability to code C++ right onto the board to customize the keys, lights, macros, etc. The SDK can be found on our site.

Also, we will have a booth at Houston Championships. If your team qualifies please come visit and say hi.

Awesome. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got to say. :smiley:

Aside of glorious clicking sounds that will drive everyone else in the room to the edge of their wits, I don’t really see the need for mechanical keyboards in CAD or programming. That being said, I’d be interested to see if any team incorporates the keyboard (and namely the programmable lighting) into their driver station. Would be interesting to see keys change colors to reflect robot status. Sections of the keyboard turn red when pressure drops beneath a certain level, or your fire button flashes green when your vision processing says you’re locked on target, etc.

Mechanical keyboards aren’t a necessity, more of a luxury to some people. The feel can be really important if you’re using it for hours on end. I know our teams have used it to make CAD go faster by adding macros and shortcuts on the keyboard.

I think all of your ideas for ways to use the LEDs are awesome.

I beg to differ on that. :cool:

However I think this is really cool, and super awesome to see more cool stuff in FIRST Choice.

We will definitely be interested in the gear via FC.

No booth in St Louis? I know that many teams would like to see your products in person :slight_smile:


Have you ever thought about helping college robotics clubs (namely University of Minnesota’s GoFIRST or NDSU’s Bison Robotics)? I know for certainty that these two clubs are made up of predominately FRC alum. They both compete in many different robotics challenges and both have Ri3d Teams that would love to showcase your products.

This is awesome! It will definitely be somewhere on our round 2 Priority List.

Just a quick inquiry, we ordered a master keys l in round two, but we still haven’t received it. Just wondering if I missed something.

PM me your info and I’ll look into it. I know that all orders have been shipped so if you didn’t get it it may be at the school somewhere or something weird. Don’t forget too include the address you used to order.