Coolest 3D Prints!!!

Our team is looking to 3D Print some cool items (Can be anything) to show off our 3D Printer. What is the coolest thing (Toys, Part, Robots, etc.) that you or your team has ever printed or something that you would recommend for us to print!

A personal favorite of mine is this bridge test. The end product is pretty cool, but watching a printer make one is way cooler.

This I by far the coolest print that I have done/seen.

This is a fun robot arm.

I made this 1114 styled ring a while back. I haven’t printed a copy yet, so I don’t know how comfortable it’d be to wear. Haven’t printed it yet… slightly more manageable. Honestly, just his profile

Probably this:

Full size. Sorry for the mediocre quality.

(Okay, technically Evan printed it, but I did the design and GOFIRST is the ones using it so…)

What kind of printer was used to print this?

Any idea what kind of durability you could expect from these?

Much cheaper than trying to buy a comparable plastic slew bearing. Added bonus, any size you want, perfect for those pesky ball diameters.

Fortus 900c in ASA Black. Printing donated by Stratasys and Evan Hochstein.

Andrew, you beat me to it. Here’s another video about it.