Coolest antweight bot!!

this is soooooo coool!!!

built by christian carlberg(builder of minion)

standard trinity green machine hobby motor (23000 rpm)
geared 1-1 for 23000rpm spinning blade of DEATH!
servos for drive, shimmiying action for drive, it is great, let me kow if u feel the same way i do.


I am into RC Cars and I know the Greem Machine is nothing to laugh at. However, I cannot feel the way you feel until I can see some pictures

It sounds cool; but at 23,000 RPM (theoretically) it will likely shake itself apart or drain its batteries to aerodynamic losses…that is unless the blade is really small in which case it isn’t effective. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t competed, so we’ll see I guess.

However Christian does build “cool” robots though, so I shouldn’t doubt…

I attached a picture of my friend’s really pretty (and effective) antweight. It’s hard to believe it only weighs a pound but looks so scary.




computer was being dumb yesterday here are those pictures of it, and i was wrong it was not a green machine motor, i connot read the name on thne motor. but it is geared 10- 1 ofr maximum spinning power.

and of it spinning

That robot used to be named Hoser’d, it was built by Derek Young and actually weighed two pounds. That walking mechanism has since been ruled to not technically be a walker so he sold it and it’s been remade and renamed KFC.

And yes, it is mighty scary. The motor draws somewhere around 30A for startup and a heck of a lot while spinning.