Coolest/Best Pits at Champs?

254 had an insanely cool pit setup. It was clean and had a lot of space for tools as well as a decent amount of work space.
If anyone has any pictures of cool pits they saw discuss them here. Our team is planning on getting some upgrades/redoing our pit and we need some inspiration.

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4414’s pit was probably one of the craziest pits I have ever seen during my time in FRC. Super neat and space effective. Looked great. I can not seem to find a picture of it in my camera roll but I am sure someone here does.


Praying for Spectrum to put out some worlds 2022 pics lol

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[standard reminder that a truss is not worth the effort]

4414 is approaching the gold standard of functional and aesthetically appealing pits.


What kind of carts were they using? I looked at 360° Timewarp tour of the 2022 Worlds FRC pits and saw their pit carts, where would you get something like that?


Robots Garage have the best pits which goes in line with the best imagery.


Their pit is great, I really want to fundraise and get started on something like this, though talking to 4414, it’s very expensive, costing like 10-15k USD to make + having to do all the manufacturing and whatnot.


1678 has a very similar pit, from the professionality of it i was certain it was bought, but now im learning its manufactured?? did they talk anything about the process of it or where to even get started? Its a wonderful pit and even having one side like that for the back pit wall would be a dream.


If you search CD for “superpit” you should find some documentation on these pits that are build from road cases.


I’m absolutely loving the corner “table” between the two main road cases. First time I’ve seen that and I’d say it’s an amazing use of what would otherwise likely be dead space.

I’d be curious how they deal with all the totes/bins in the top shelf. From what I can tell with this style of super pit (seen a few variations), the top half folds down to close everything up for transport. Do they use a separate bin/container to move all their smaller parts containers around, or do they stay in the top section of the main road cases? If they stay put, would they not all just fall out when you flip the top down to move the pit?


They went through after speaking with one of the mentor’s dad.
I plan to order the same setup in a few weeks even though its only for the Hawaii event. Wish we could bring this type of setup to other events.
From what I saw at our 2 Cali regionals, many teams have the same setup but different themes.


Thanks for all the kind words. Inspired from 1678s original road case setup, we went all out on every single detail. It played a major part in our success this season.

Give me a few weeks to get some sleep and I’ll get some nice documentation written up.


My team normally uses a variation on the 5460 SuperPit which has worked out well for us (we didn’t bring it to champs because we didn’t take our trailer). It is super fast to set up and has everything we need easily accessible while looking clean.


Wish I would have taken a better picture of our new pit this year. (Team 2358)

Left side has a small battery cart with integrated chargers. (cannot see in this image)
Next to that (still left) is the monitor with slide show, power tool hangers, table space, and electrical storage bins below.

Right side we use labeled bins for hardware, sorted by type and size. These sit on laser cut steel rails that lock into the bin features. They release with a tilt and slide, but stay in place during transport. (edited to note that we stole this idea from another team we saw at Detroit worlds in 2019. I’d credit the team but forgot who that was.) Table space below that and under the table is a US General toolbox (blue, seen in lower right of image) and more storage bins to the left and above the tool box. In the “unusable” space in the corner we mounted a shop vac with a long hose to reach the opposite corner of the pit. Adding a tabletop switch to activate it. Above the shop vac in the corner is also a table cutout for a garbage bin we can remove and dump.

If I remember, I’ll try to take better pictures when I’m at our year end banquet tomorrow night.

As a car guy Team 4451gets my vote.


Stoked to see this. I think 4414 made some key improvements on the 1678 road case design that I’d recommend any teams looking to get into a road case pit adopt.


Common themes among the coolest pits that I saw were illumination and organization. Teams like high tide and poofs have well-lit pits from large rows of lights and space-efficient storage housing any tool you can dream of while still giving plenty of floor space. I’m sure a lot of money and time was invested into both of these pits, although it is likely possible to do something similar on a smaller budget.

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Literally everything 4414 does is extremely clean and neat. It was my first time meeting them and seeing their robots and I could not take my eyes off of them.

Extremely impressive team, robot, and pit.


MidKnight is excited for this - thank you! We have already started thinking about plans for Mega-Super-Pit (two sets, that we can run independently per robot if they’re apart or really look awesome if stationed together) and the 4414 rig is our top inspiration-photo right now.


We just got some info and informal quotes from Omega Cases.
They shared 4414’s setup and 691.
691’s setup is much wider left to right since they dont have the transition curved part to complete the L section in the middle.

We will probably go with the 4414 version since it has more storage space.
We also will probably add some kind of mounting for TV monitors also.

Pricing is $5k without the center connecting section and shipping. I’d imagine we will probably pay 8-10k. Sounds reasonable and we can do all of the custom 359 logo and stuff on our own.

I hope we eventually get 2 regionals back to back in Hawaii. It’ll justify it more. :smiley: