Coolest 'Bot Carts

Hey thanks for the comments :rolleyes: Yeah we’re pretty proud of our cart, it’s our team icon and our team is notorious for it. Last year, the goal between regionals and nationals was to make it self-propelled but we ran into a time crunch and had other priorities to tend to. (As for the music, where do you think the rule came from? :yikes:)

It is heavy, but with the heart our team has for the cart, it is never really left to one person to move it around or guard it or anything. What I didn’t mention was that it has a “horn” (people hate when we honk it) so it’s never really “in the way”…

We can’t really ride in it, but Matt, the student who did the fiberglass, was standing on the pneumatics last year riding it up and down while we were showing it off at the Great Lakes Regional. I have seen carts that look like small cars that kids drive around in.

Two years ago, our cart had a fog machine (where do you think the rule came from? :wink: ) and when we used it, the FIRST people came out with fire extinguishers.

Yeah that’s all I can really think of. :cool:

our teams cart is pretty basc…dont have a pic of it but let me try to describe

orange flatbed
1200 pound hydrolic lift
heavy as anything
we can lift or lower the robot while it is being worked on
lift or lower tools and battery boxes so u dont havta use your back :smiley: :smiley:

Very nice :slight_smile: What regionals will you be at?

Nice collection of awards you got there - I’m impressed :slight_smile: Hopefully, one day, our team will have just as many. :rolleyes:

Oh comeon you weenies. Not even a chuckle about our PIMPED OUT TO THE MAX ride? :confused:

lift or lower tools and battery boxes so u dont havta use your back

Dosent that contradict your earlier statement that it was as heavy as anything? So save your back on the tools to carry around a few hundred pound cart :rolleyes: .

Has everyone lost their insanity and sense of humor in the stressfull times of… OH CRAP ITS NIGHT BEFORE COMPETITION! I better get packing! :yikes:

I KNOW there are a few of us that have no use for that blasted camera (at least not in the current rush of Regionals and what not).

Make a cart that uses the camera to track your team jersey and follows you! :ahh: That would be amazing. That goes under my list of “Things to do when I actually have time” Haha. One of these days…

Here are a couple of pictures of 364s cart.

1305’s cart(its drivable), and 68 truck town thunder… definately…

for audio. …hmm i forget the team name and number… they had a bunch of subs, dvd player, blue neons, awsome operator interface… . and their robot was at the champs and great lakes… . . their robot liked the bouce on their air filled wheels…

Pictures of 68’s truck can be found on, more specifically:

That was from 2003 i believe, she was red this year.

Just wait till next year! :rolleyes:

Team Fusion 364 has a drivable cart, with neons, and a stereo.

We actually do not have a Hummer body. It has been talked about developing a Hummer body, but at this time we do not have one. We do however have 5 of the truck bodies. I am unaware of all of the different colors because they do change from time to time. We started with 6 bodies in 1999; however after that season each of the team members signed one and gave it to our executive sponsor, Tom Stephens.

That cart was actually 1305’s. Great team!! We won the Waterloo Regional with them this year and were alliance partners in Atlanta.

I have actually uploaded a photo of our cart this year at the Boilermaker Regional which can be found at:

We did change bodies before Atlanta; going back to my favorite one, red.

The cart has 4 batteries, each 6 volts, wired in series. These are kept under the bed portion of the truck. We charge it every night and usually between when we use it during the day (depending). The batteries are great and they are actually good for a long period of time.

I really don’t understand the last portion of your question, since we don’t really have much on the cart at any one time. I can tell you that we have never had any problems with people messing with the cart; something great about the FIRST community.

I will keep looking for some more pictures of the cart from '99 and '00. Those two years there were some interesting paint jobs done to the cart.

That is a beautiful cart, me and a few other from my team saw you guys in atl and were inspired to make a cart, 4 of us funded our cart project privatly as a surprise to the team, whats straped to ours is an 1800 watt 5 channel amp, about 2000 watts of audio run off the amp and the stereo (too many speakers than i care to list), a police beacon, spinning rim grills for our 12 inch subs, 2 lcd’s run off our stereo/dvd player and a custom paint job thanks to our schools toyota automotive paint program. The thing is powered off a heavy duty, heavy cycle marine battey (3 days to charge, lasts for…3 days)

Here is our cart we are very happy with how it turned out.

Holds 2 Battery’s in back tray’s.
Holds 6 Battery’s and 2 chargers on front tray.
Has 2 compressors from prior years robots.
Has ~3 gallon air tank (far side)
Has 3 drawers for tools.
Holds 2 joysticks and the RC on the top tray.
Robot height can be adjusted up and down 1 foot.
At current height a full sized robot can fit through most doors while on cart.

Indeed… team 68 (truck team thunder), team 1305 has a forklift thats pretty cool too… . and i forgot the team, but they had a whole cart with tons of subs , dvd, LCD, all black high gloss fiberglass… twas amazing!

is the cart you’re referring to the one pictured 2 posts above yours? If so, that’s team 548

I’ll have to post photos of our cart before GLR or get some at GLR. We had it CAD’ed on Wednesday, ordered the materials (everything will be cut and machined) and we should have it by Monday afternoon. We’re building it Monday night and then adding the cool features to it on Tuesday. It’s gonna be pretty much self contained…just return to our pits and plug it in so we can charge our batteries and run some other top secret equipment :smiley:

Keep an eye for pictures of 1251’s cart, built and funded by freshmen. ( well now sophomores)

Also check it out at UCF.

I’ve seen it, its pretty hott.

You’ve probably guessed that we are using a Navy/Top Gun theme this year. Now that our season is over, a student suggested “why don’t we build a cart that looks like an aircraft carrier?” Sure. NOW he thinks of it …

If there was any doubt that Truck Town has the coolest bot cart in all of FIRST just check out their cart from 2000:

they had that on display at waterloo, pretty cool! I like the Iron Bears cart…with the horn and such, good job!