Coolest buttons

Hey! You just “stole” my two favorite buttons (that aren’t ones I made…) from Annapolis! The moose button is just adorable and the Kiss Me I’m A Rookie button is cute, but extra special because I got it while waiting for the shuttle bus at the end of the competition, and I had a wonderful conversation with a freshman on that team, and let me tell you, if the rest of her team has as much enthusiasm as she does, then keep an eye out for 1629 because they are going to be amazing! Well, even more amazing than they already are…


just want to let everybody know that 233 has added a new button to hand out this year. anybody know what is says yet??? lol

Is it the tropical 233 pin with the tree and a white background? My friend has one like that and I have never seen that one before until this year.

I don’t have a pic but I love the one that says “Drive it like you stole it”

I got one of the “Dave says thats pimp too” buttons ( Thanks Heidi ! ) theyre awesome. I also liked the CNC smoked lexan buttons that 1449 was handing out at annapolis.

Due to technical difficulties I cant upload images right now, sorry.

ooo i love these…hee hee i have a few of them…too bad i haven’t seen any this year.

i love pinks…real men wear pink
finally got one…ya would think being always in the pits i would get buttons hmmm doesn’t work out for me very well

i love our old Winston button…it’s adorable…i don’t have the image w/ me… not at home right now

Here is our Photoshop Preview of our Orange button… the ones we use now have a white background now…

Here’s a preview

I think the best buttons at VCU are Sparky’s buttons and 975, 122 is cool too.

I got that button, too. That might just be the quintessential Chesapeake Regional button, though I thought 1391’s moose button was just as cool and unique. Our button, I thought, looked the most conservative…though I’m planning to make our head advisor “cool” next year.

i know you didnt want us to show our own but my teams pin was one of the most popular at my regional

sorry about the huge pic

I like Wild Stang buttons

975 those are awsome buttons tho…

the ones that i loved at the GLR were team 547… the winning combination tic tac toe board with triangles square circle to be like FIRST logo and to be like tetras … so i thought it was coool

bees team had cool buttons too

I really like team 1126’s matchbook buttons.
I also like 578 blue lightning that says “This ain’t your daddies science fair.” I find that humorus.
For LED buttons i like the X-Cats paw that is cool.
Sorry I have no pictures

I’m sure there are flashier and slicker buttons out there, but this is the best button our team has had in several years.

of course, our most popular givaway is the shop rag, also upgraded this year.

shop rags adj.jpg

shop rags adj.jpg

which button are you talking about carter? i should know this…think think think

I like team 48’s button i think it was, it was like one of those flashing led ones. and also, some other team in florida, the button didnt have a team number on it, but it had “Evil Monkey” on it…It is so great, wish I had a pic of it. Darn, I forgot to get a button from 233 in Florida, I’ll never get another chance to get one…what if theyll mail it to me?

um those might be new… but i think the ones Carter’s talking about are the “233 Hottie” buttons! they’re rare… even harder to find than the “Real Men Wear Pink” and the “Pink is Contageous” buttons! …i have yet to get my hands on one… :stuck_out_tongue: but if you do manage to get one, feel special! :slight_smile:

what if we make our own “Pink is Contageous” buttons with our own button makers? lol, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm broken button maker + pile of button maker supplies = a bunch of junk that finds its way to put to some use

That is the most sought after button around, yet they tell everyone that they are all gone!