Coolest Driver Dance

Yeah everyone, i wanted what everyone is planning to do this year as their pre-match driver dance. We are continuing our “big pimpin dance” I thought the techno ticks (236) had the coolest dance last year, and I wonder if anyone was going to try to beat that out, and if they are repeating their dance form last year again.

I think I’ll much prefer sitting alone quietly and thinking about nothing before a match. :wink:

COmbbat 21
The bbat dance

The Gila Dance will be seen at Phoenix, Denver, and Atlanta.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

Thanks for the props for the Tick Dance!!!

Keep Dancin’!

TechnoTicks Hands down :slight_smile:

I dunno if it is a “dance”, but at Nationals last year when 469 came running out when their team was called for the finals, doing backflips and everything… that was awesome :]

You all better teach us something when we see you.

All we know is the “Oh my God, No data/Radio…reset…reset” dance before our matches!

Ya just gotta give it to the Tick Boogy all the way.

We got a hand shake thingy but only the HP and the Coach do it…

Definitely the technotick dance.

Always an awesome sight to look over and see the entire drive team doing it.

Most people on 121 know the dance to see this year is the Phyz Dance :cool: (Watch for it…it’s rare…)

The one and only Phyz Dancer in the world
–Phyz :wink:

P.S.–10 years of dance lessons and I can’t remember a thing, so the dance is…original

you guys know that dance too? :yikes: :smiley:

What ever happened to the notorious Toga Dance?

Last year we did a dance with our robot on top of the ramp. See, Heather would disable or flip all the other robots (including our partner) and then go to the top of the ramp where she spun around in 360s wildly waving her arms. The croud loved it. Does anyone remember, we had pink bumpers and pink and green flags. It was a low down fast powerful robot named Heather.

Anyway, I am proud to anounce the return of Heather’s viscious arms now called the RotoWhack G2. Also, the pink bumpers will be making a comeback and there’s a possibility the original Heather flags will be making their way onto the new robot.

I have to agree. At the 2003 New England regional, 236 was our alliance partners in the elimination rounds, helping us win the regional. Our whole alliance did the tick dance when we were announced. It was awesome. :cool:

Yes! We selected the Ticks to be our first partner at Nationals in Houston.

Was it because they have an awesome team?

Or was it because our drive team wanted to do the Tick Dance?

I’ll let you decide! :smiley:

yeah its best to have a clear mind during a match rather than one that is filled with over joy and excitment!

I would have to say both since they did have an awesome bot last year.

Ya i’m gonna have to go with the Techno Ticks dance also. of course this is coming from a team with no dance at all (126)

Wow, thanks for all the support. We can only continue to bring you countless hours of endless entertainment! DO THE TICK DANCE!!!

(Only someone from the robotics community could possibly appreciate this dance as much as we do!! lol) :stuck_out_tongue: