Coolest Logo

Just in case the “coolest” threads haven’t fully run their course yet…

What are your favorite logos?

I would have to say 1241. That alien is awsome!

175 Buzz, with the classic smiley face

I like Diablos devil logo because it looks really sinister which is really cool. But I also like my teams logo since it changes every year, every year we add one more gear to the logo and the number of gears equals the number of years MOE has been in FIRST. This year there are five gears since this is our fifth year.

118’s … ahem… our logo, with the whole da vinci/texas/robot/man thing is pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Team 134: The Spartechs of Pembroke, New Hampshire :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think the ThunderChickens (I don’t remember the number or where they are from) have the coolest logo. You just can’t beat a chicken with that look on his face.

I’ve always been a fan of 217 - The Thunderchicken’s logo.
It’s simple, but cool, totally distinctive and recognizable.

The ideal logo.

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Are you the Real John???

/me likes the same logo as the REAL JVN :wink: lol

i am also definately a fan of Team 217’s, the simple yet recognizable ‘jolly rodger’ - gone - chicken is appealing and humerous.
other than ours though, i really enjoyed one from a team at the midwest regional with a simple drawing of a monster eating a person.
cannot remember the team number.
but its funny.

I think 357, Royal Assault, has a pretty bad $@#$@#$@# logo. The crazy eyed jester is scary.

I don’t know if you all have seen the Mech Saber of Souhegan yet, but if not, here it is:

217, no doubt :slight_smile:

I forgot about Royal Assults evil lookin jester which is all that and a bag of chips

Check out our website, what do you think?Our logo

I think Buzz’s is pretty nifty with their smily faces. They are simplistic yet distinct and they keep the same theme if you will every year but with a new and unique logo such as the astornaut or gears. Kudos to them

P.S. to check out our logo ,521, just look up and to the left of this post it is my avatar

Team 175 Buzz’s Smiley Face. Its Bright, Simple and Shows that they’re Happy People.

Team 118 They’re logo mixes Art with Science and is probably the only logo with so many different objects in it (TX State, DA Vinci, Robot, Man)

Team 1396 Though they are a Rookie Team they’re logo is pretty cool. Gotta love the PyRobots

Team 341 Miss Daisy. They have a weird combo of things, originally a spartan but now a flower as a logo :confused: . I’m just confused if they should be called The Spartans (I think that’s they’re original team name) or Miss Daisy

Team 365 Where else can you find a clash of green and black

Team 522 Robo Wizards ehh well all in all their logo is cool also. Ever since they started that wizard logo has given them the magical touch

And for those I have missied you all have great logos It’s Just that up against certain colors More logos stand out then most Like Team 25 and them esp. The Tie Die Colors. :wink:

i actually quite like 134’s, maybe b/c i like ancient history stuff…

Cyber Blue’s(234) was really cool, but I just like their name. :yikes:

Our team’s logo has text hidden within it. Here is ourbig logo

If you look at the circle, there is a backwards B and P with a normal R for Bellarmine Prep Robotics.


I’m not sure it qualifies as a logo but I love the picture of the jet on our robot(16) last year.

wish i could post a pic of it

Thunderchickens. Need no more explanation.