coolest mascot

i was just reading some poasts where people could mention who they felt had the coolest robots and which teams had the coolest uniforms and i felt that something very important was being left out. What about thoes brave souls that venture out in their mascot costumes? I’d be very interested to see who every one thought had the cooles mascot.

At Philly, the Metal Moose’s had the coolest mascot. Just a big moose, and the announcer wore a big moose head with silver antlers.

I would have to say that team 1266, “the devil duckies” had the best mascot. They had their little dancind devil duck. They even had their “adopt your own devil duckie” program where they handed out rubber devil duckies. They drove the SoCal regional crazy.

At UCF it was Voltage, and THINK PINK. They had awesome mascots. Voltage’s is just so cool it looks like a little electric mouse. Lol. Oh and I really like ComBBat’s little BBat on the buttons and stuff. :smiley:

I dont know if anyone remembers from UTC, but we have a Tick this year. I’m sure if you saw him though you’d remember him. Its a skin tight blue suit, not everyone could pull it off


i dont know if 811 has their big red bird again this year or not, but he was my favorite mascot last year

you guys havent seen the coolest mascot until you have seen The Retired team 25 mascot in action, (although i may be slightly biased in my opinon) Mr Volcano was the epitomy of cool mascots, the 30lbs hat, complete with 15lbs battery pack backpack an assorment of hula dancers all differnet colors and a muffin fan that shorts out randomly :wink: man that guy was cool, if only someone knew what happened to him :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok After watching the NYC Regional

Team 522 is still the only NY Team that wheres Purple and Silver shirts that many participants of the NYC regional would like to get their hands on ! :-). As a matter of fact many other team members were trying to tickle me out of mine. Their mascots seem to coinside with what ever they choose to name the robot year after year while still retaining the wizardry look which I think is awesome. Some teams name their robots after tools / others after sponsors / and a select few name them after a cartoon character or real world figure.

Team 233 Will probably be the only Team on the east coast to not only have the tallest mascot and a stick figure mascot ( pink and black of course ) but to also have 100% of their team in pink. As for Team 233’s Robot that was pretty cool. Almost look like they were ready to go sharking with that harpoon, nevertheless it worked flawlessly

and to natebot16 is that the same moose who was “pushed into the hotel pool” during the 2002 nationals. That was pretty cool that must have taken weeks to completely dry out. :slight_smile:

i too, would like to second the devil duckies, having my own adopted devil duckie, i am proud to have it. good to see a rookie team so motivated, and i have to say again that i was suprised to see that a 1266 was a rookie team, they act and play with wisdom and professionalism beyond their years.

I really like the thunderchickens…they’re entertaining. I haven’t seen the devil duckie, but it sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

What’s really sad is I remember that…

But for some odd reason, I’m partial to the Techno-nut (you know, the guy with a big nut for a head). Oh, and I had nightmares about that Techno-tick mascot (for, um, obvious reasons).

We have a bee costume, now the problem is it is meant to br worn by a six year old. But one of our newbies volunteered to wear it, that costume is way too small but he wore it at VCU and Chesapeake. It ways about 30 lbs do to all of the buttons. But he had fun with all of the other mascots and got alot of people to take pictures. LOL…

thats unfortunate. How could someone have nightmares about a blue, spandex wearing, dancing, friendly tick?


Some people may be glad to hear that our mascot “Kurby”, a seven foot tall cucumber, will be joining our team at the reginals again this year. Infact, he may even be bringing along another mascot friend with him this year. We’re all very excited about the competition. And no worries, we’ll still be giving out more cucumbers this year to our fellow teams, lol

I can’t remember the team# at the moment, but I loved the jaguar(or whatever cat they were) guys who were running around GLR. Although they were a little too friendly.

FYI, two of those cats “kissed” crop-circles at GLR. HaHa mike

There are always a lot of great mascots at the Great Lakes regional. I believe my favorite is always the big stick of dynamite with the big fists (Team 280 (TnT)).

i do love our blue spandex wearing tick… but, i have to admit that i love tem 811’s bird mascot… and at UTC (i can’t remember which team it was) but they had a kilt wearing dog there which definitely caught my eye!

We have this massive PINK mascot. I think it is pretty cool. Check it out!

Did the cat’s have the big mascot heads or not? Also, did they have a Texan accent? The Leopards were up there freezing and stuff. We looked a lot like the Jaguar team that was also there.