Coolest PS2 or XBOX game

Where looking to set up a PS2 or XBOX tournament each night at Nationals. What is the coolest game to do this with? Where staying at the Marriott Fairfield. Look us up and sign up. TEAM 549. The DevilDawgs

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Halo 2, by far, hands down, no contest, etc. etc.

Coolest game for the PS2?

Katamari Damacy.

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X-Box: Halo 2

They are and probably will be for a long time the all time favorites to play tournaments on and to watch for fun.

Hows about DDR? It’s on both systems, and I have a LinuXbox with Stepmania that I might be able to lug over if the Mariott is near the Hyatt.

As for Halo 2, I think we should stay away from it…waaay too many glitches that people exploit and it’s pretty boring anyways.
How about Fuzion Frenzy?

socom 2 - halo 2 has many cheaters and that game is boring.

Tekken Tag or Tekken 5 is a good choice for PS2, IMO.

As far as XBox goes, Halo or Halo 2, of course.

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Played this one - weirdest game ever, man. You play as the son of the King of the Cosmos. The king went on a bender last night and ate all of the stars, so in order for you to help out your papa, you have to go to Earth, and roll up everything in sight, and shoot it into space.

The entire game consists of rolling stuff up into a ball. Literally. And it’s fun.

You forgot to mention the music, the best ever!

Yea I’ve played the katamari game and it is surprisingly fun…it doesn’t take very long to beat and there is 2 player…but xbox has more potential for allowing more people to get into more action cuz its 4 controllers…

Halo 2
or Halo 1
Easy choice
if you want to go allout you can buy a lot of fairly expensive wireless connectors for Xbox’s. Sof the cat 5 is not needed.

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Anybody else thinking about racing, the new Gran Turismo Game is suposed to be awesome. Either that or Socom II. Like they said, Halo has two many ways to cheat.

but xbox has more potential for allowing more people to get into more action cuz its 4 controllers…
Ah yes. You seem to have forgotten that playstations have multitaps allowing for up to 8 :ahh: people to play on one screen. However most games don’t support that.
My vote goes to DDR for PS2.
My vote goes to Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox. (I just love this game!)