Coolest Team Names / Team name ideas!

Do you know of any teams with wild funny interesting names/ do you have a killer team name idea?
2032 846 is the funky monkeys :sunglasses::monkey_face:


Team 5199 - Robot Dolphins From Outer Space

Team 1902 - Exploding Bacon

Team 6802 - Mean Caimans


846 is the Funky Monkeys. The OGs.

I’ve always been a fan of Purple Cobras as a team name.

@leap came up with Nine Inch Snails.

Our housemate Jeff came up with Team Built Different, I’m a big fan of that one.


Team 167 - Children of the Corn
Team 326 - Teamsuperpowermaticultramegasuperlativeawesometasticdelcioushowlingunieagles


Funny PNW names that I can think of

3024 - My Favorite Team

6465 - Mystic Biscuit

1540 - Flaming Chickens

3663 - CPR (Cedar Park Robotics)

1318 - IRS (Issaquah Robotics Society)

5450 - SHREC (St. Helens Robotics & Engineering Club)

847 - PHRED (Philomath High school Robotics and Engineering Division)
Definitely not partial, because I couldn’t wrap my head around Fred being spelled Phred when I was about 6.

Edit: Just realized that I forgot 360 - The Revolution




Some favorites are (parentheses are comments):

2714- :hotsprings: BBQ :hotsprings: (yes with the emoji)
5285- Y
6220- The Meme Team (unfortunately they just changed it)
7230- :x::o: (this is allowed?!? wicked though)

Also I know we’re all used to it cause they consistently crush souls with unprecedented efficiency but think for a moment how strange it is that the go-to top team in FRC is called the Cheesy Poofs.


I’ve always been a fan of team names that stick to one or maybe two words and don’t include “robotics” or “robo-(x)”. Spectrum, Firebirds, Flight Crew, Pearadox, and Diablo all come to mind. Honorary mention to D’Penguineers, although to be honest I’m not sure if the general “fit and finish” coolness of their whole program isn’t biasing me here.


Big fan of 1868
NASA + Girl Scouts = Space Cookies


Back in 2003 our then-rookie team 1346 combined the school’s mascot, the “David Thompson Trojan” with the word “Robotics” and came up with “Trobotics”. It was, in retrospect, about the least original, most useless, FRC team name we could have created. From that I learned a few lessons and was able to help another team go through a similar exercise many years later. They have since been able to generate award winning imagery and successful marketing campaigns built around a name that is both unique, visual, and related to their school and surroundings.

Here is some of the advice that I was able to give them:

  1. If your proposed name involves the words “robotics”, “mecha”, or “techno”… it has already been done. Derivations or combinations… anything starting with “robo” or ending in “botics” has also been done. Metric prefixes are also well-represented, although “nano”, “pico” and “femto” appear to be unused. If in doubt, search for team names at
    (You’ll find at least five versions of “trobot” out there… we were once next door neighbours to one of them in the pits!)

  2. Think about how you will express your team name in imagery. The name should sync with your team logo, mascot (even if you don’t plan on having one right away) and future pit designs. Choosing a name that evokes a visual theme can set your team up for future imagery awards, but more importantly makes it easy for your team to be identified and remembered by alliance partners and potential sponsors. (Edit: and judges… believe me, a unique name that links to a theme of imagery, pit and robot design will catch the judge’s attention and help them remember and discuss the good things about your team and robot!)

  3. Think local… what is climatic, geographic, or environmental aspect of your school’s region that the community can relate to? What are different names for said feature that people in your area know and use? For instance there are a lot of Raccoons in my neighbourhood, but “RoboRacoons” violates rule #1. We also call them the “Trash Bandits”… and that could lead to a logo of a cute racoon hauling some recycling out of the trash, team uniforms with racoon masks, a pit that is (sanitarily and aesthetically) designed to evoke the inside of a dumpster, a team committment to recycling, and a robot that always features a humourous piece of junk that might attract a racoon. The “Trash Bandits” sound like more fun to hang out with than “Trobotics”!

  4. Don’t decide on a name at your first meeting. Sure… brainstorm ideas, but don’t get hooked to any of them. Make sure you’ve got at least ten ideas on the board. Remember that sometimes the people with the most creative ideas aren’t always the loudest voices in the room! After some of the initial “shout it out” style brainstorming we asked everyone present to write one new idea down on a piece of paper and put it in a box, secret ballot style. Put all the names up on the board and ask everyone in the room to try and come up with one or two positive ideas about each of the names. Leave everything on the board and ask people to think about their favorite name on the board for a day or so, and what logo, uniform, mascot, robot feature or pit design might reflect that name. Reconvene later to build a short list around two or three promising candidates and then put a bit more effort into developing logos, backstories… whatever you need to pick out the most promising candidate.

4.5) Don’t have any logo or mascot ideas? Maybe this a great excuse to expand your team and get some artists involved! FIRST is about a lot more than just a robot… the more types of intelligence you can recruit to your team the stronger the team will be. Note that video game programmers rarely model the video game characters… let alone create the marketing materials! Do you have a fashion design/sewing class in your school… hmm… they might have some ideas on how to make a great mascot outfit or team uniform!

  1. Remember it doesn’t have to be a “techy” name… if you end up being the “Fluffy Kitten Robotics Club”, people will still know you are a robotics club!

  2. If you’re still stuck, try approaching a few local businesses and asking them which ones resonate with them. Heck… this might be a way to get them engaged as future team sponsors or mentors! (In fact this is probably a good idea once you’ve got a short list of three names that are all reasonably acceptable to everyone.)

  3. Try to avoid “voting” for the final name… perhaps take a straw poll to eliminate names that have little support, but go out of the way to seek consensus. It is probably better to have a team name that everyone is “pretty okay” with, rather than a name that 60% of people love and 40% hate.

Hope that helps… and have some fun with it! While your team’s robots will improve over the years, it is very likely that you’ll keep the same name for a long time to come… it’s one of the biggest decisions a rookie team will make!



One of my all-time favorite team names comes from an FLL tournament. If I recall correctly, a team of majority boys was the “Pretty Pink Princesses of DOOM”.

On another note, FRC233’s name is “The Pink Team”.

Actually, I happen to like 900’s team name, the Zebracorns.


cant believe no ones mentioned 2468, team appreciate


We were nearly called ‘The Disembowelled Rats’, fortunately that was vetoed for a number of reasons. I like our current name, Team Koalafied, a lot


Oh, yes… as for a favorite team name, it has to be from an all-girl’s VRC team, the:

“Pink Sparkle Fairy Unicorns”

Although it might have worked better in VRC, the team members argued it was about the scariest name they could come up with… because “it would be really embarrassing to be be beat by the ‘Pink Sparkle Fairy Unicorns’” :slight_smile:

I seem to recall they finished #3 (?) in Programming Skills at the VRC World Championships… so yeah, kind of scary!


Team 9191, My Chemical Robots


All of this to a T. The other thing that I want to call out is that you want to make sure that your name is sponsor friendly! Most of the time this will just sort of work itself out, but put yourself in a company’s shoes and make sure they’d actually sponsor something called [whatever your name is].

When my team, called The Pioneers^2 at the time, went through the renaming process, we went about it in 3 stages: exploration, combination, finalization.

In exploration, we brainstormed a bunch of categories, and then brainstormed a bunch of words for each category. These were sort of the seeds of our new name. Our categories were tech, Nashville, music, mythos, water, nature, pioneering, and space. After brainstorming words, we highlighted our favorites.

See full exploration stage

A week later in combination, we took the words we had come up with (and peoples’ ideas over the week) and started forming potential new name ideas. We wrote out those new names and the students voted on a variety of factors to see if there were any name frontrunners.

See full combination stage

A week after that we had our distillation phase. We took our top 3 name suggestions, developed full sample brands for them, and found the most acceptable one to the team.

See sample brands

Titan Protocol

Music City Mechanics

If I had to go through a team naming process again, I’d take this approach.

Now, you may notice that our team name is The Pioneers. TL;DR they changed their minds and decided to just drop the ^2 and change the logo :woman_shrugging:


Idk, 8096 takes my money for best team name.


You have to appreciate a great number specific name:
1024 - Kilobytes
2468 - Team Appreciate


They are a local team, so I may have a bias, but I’ve always liked 1646 - Precision Guessworks.


It’s 8096, Cache Money. Their logo is literally a piggy bank.