Coolest Team Names / Team name ideas!

I always liked Team 326, if for nothing else than seeing how good the MC/GA’s were:

In FLL, there was a team named
[insert team name here]
The story is that they were filling out an online form, and one of the kids asked, “So, is that our team name?” It stuck. Team imagery was black and white a la the old “generic” brands in the grocery store.


On my list of fav names:

167 - “Children of the Corn” (from Iowa, of course)
987 - “HIGHROLLERS” (Las Vegas)
1690 - “Orbit”
1678 - “Citrus Circuits” (California)
1986 - “Team Titanium”
3218 - “The Aluminum Narwhals”
3928 - “Team Neutrino” (naturally)
4213 - “MetalCow”
4499 - “The Highlanders” (from Colorado) [love the kilts]
5006 - “Apophis”
8027 - “Not the Droids You Are Looking For”


7461 Sushi Squad

thread can end now :smiley:


I forgot one of my favorites, 999 was “Team CRASH” but changed to the MechaRAMS.
I believe they were sponsored by Sikorsky Helicopter at the time they were Team CRASH

As I was writing this I realized that former team names could be a whole thread of it’s own.

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Team 103 from FMA, the Cybersonics!!!


I’m particular to Danger Noodle Danger, Chicken Bot Pie, Theodore Roosevelt’s Disco Haircut, and SCREW IT!!. Really just have fun with it.


Surprised nobody has brought up Team 360, The Revolution


Ope, yeah, I just realized I forgot them somehow


Anyone mention 179 - Children of the Swamp?
Probably my favorite. Makes me think of the movie “Swamp Thing” from the 80’s

79 Team Krunch

2046 Bear Metal
6636 Full Metal Beavers

2969 Regal Eagles
1796 Robotigers

33 Killer Bees
1024 Kil-A-Bytes

5727 Omegabytes

A few more came to mind

271 Mechanical Marauders
4567 The Mechanized Mafia

68 Truck town terror

(number ?) Husky Brigade

1717 D’Penguineers

16 Baxter Bomb Squad

15 Mustecs (From PR I believe)


Puns seem to be the ones that stick around in people’s minds or the creative mixes. I personally love 5940 B.R.E.A.D. and our own team 1280’s Ragin C’-Biscuits (we use cpp). Janksters is a great and Cheesypoofs holds a special place in my heart (not because they helped us saw a 5 inch bolt in half the longways).


My favorites are 2468 “Team Appreciate”, and the Thunder Chickens.

Our team name was just “Torque” the first year, but after the kids saw all the other cool names and they wanted to change it. They voted on “TorqueNados” because the movie “sharknado” had just come out. :person_shrugging:


Some of my favorites:

  1. Bomb Squad 16
  2. Thunderchickens 217
  3. Las Guerrillas 469
  4. High Rollers 987
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I figure I may as well add to this thread as intended instead of my rebranding tirade. I love simple, elegant names. Usually without “the”, and almost assuredly without “robo”, “bots”, or “robotics”. A lot have already been listed, but:

  1. Citrus Circuits - 1678
  2. Bear Metal - 2046
  3. HighTide - 4414
  4. Shockwave - 4488

I guess #WestCoastBestCoast?


Coolest team name is Team 1806
Smithville Warriors Advancing Technology

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What? No love for SPAM?

I’m still waiting for a Florida team to go with Green Eggs. I’d love to see the Green Eggs and SPAM alliance with a side of Exploding Bacon.

Also 341 - Miss Daisy (best logo in FIRST)
1538 - The Holy Cows (best wiring in FIRST)



7072 - O.G.R.E. (Opelika’s Greatest Robotics Engineers)

Sadly Theodore Roosevelt’s Disco Haircut did not return (yet :crossed_fingers:) from the pandemic upheaval. In their place, I’d say 7454 - Huskies On Hogs is a contender for the craziest team name in Indiana. Beating out Team 5402 which was named, ‘Iron Kings and Berrybotics’ but just recently changed to ‘Wreckless Robotics’, which is also a great ‘pun’ name.

Gotta shout out to SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS :shamrock: for using an emoji in their team name, though. And I’ve always thought 1720 - PhyXTGears and SuPURDUEper Robotics were interesting choices.


Reminds me of that time that Team Tators and the Friarbots got together at an off-season. Unfortunately their second pick didn’t involve any fried potato dish in their name.


Way back when the PhyXTGears started off as 1020 - The Prank Monkeys. Just some useless information for ya!

Our team has always liked 2556 the RadioActive Roaches from Niceville, FL. They have a dope mascot, too.