Coop Stack at Tech Valley Regional

During the regional there was a coopertition stack that had at least two totes stack on their ends. I was wondering if anyone had a picture of this. Thanks!



What match was this?

TVR Qual 24

We put up the bottom 2, 287 tried to top with 2 more, dumped one and went back and somehow got a 4th on top.

Thanks for the photo! Best coop stack i have seen this season.

New York Tech Valley Regional Qual 24

Video Footage Here. The match starts at 15:50 and coop is achieved near the end of the match.

It is amazing that this coop stack was achieved. The plan appeared to be a 2+2 with 145 placing first and 287 following that up with their two. 145 gets their two on the step at a weird angle and then 287 comes in and fumbles one of their totes over the step to red’s side. When they fumbled the other tote rotated. Then the came back with blue’s third tote, fumbled and tipped that sideways, proceeded to pick it up and nonchalantly stack it on their other tipped tote. All in a day’s work.

Fumbling the last tote

Finishing the Coop Stack Also the yellow tote on red’s side is the one 287 fumbled.

Completed Coop Stack in all its glory. As you can see from this angle they clipped the lip of the 3rd tote with the 4th tote.

Kudos to them, I think 95% of teams would have abandoned the task in a circumstance like that.