Cooperating with Turkish Air Forces to Make It Loud?!

Throughout the “Destination: Deep Space” season, as INTEGRA 3646, we tried to make our mother tongue, Turkish, one of the main languages of FIRST. Not only that, we toiled to become not local or global but “glocal citizens” with our projects and ideas, impacting both our country and the world. We worked really hard to show our society that girls can do whatever they want if given the chances.

Our team consists mostly of girls this year and we all have strong passions and ideals. This is what we wanted to explain with our brand-new campaign #Girls1stTurkiye and this year’s Chairman’s Award Video. All throughout this process, we had numerous supporters who strived to provide the best circumstances for our team.

First of all, we want to thank the Turkish Air Forces, the precious commanders we spent time with and our inspiring role model, the first & only woman wing commander of the Turkish acroteam, the Turkish Stars, Esra Özatay. Having her in our Chairman’s Award video was such an incredible experience for every single member of the team.

We would like to thank our sponsor Bahcesehir University and our own school Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology for all their support. The talented and lovely video crew did their very best during the shooting process of our video. We are extremely grateful for their work. And last but not least, we thank our team members for working this hard in order to “make FIRST loud” and spread the values we believe in.

Here is our Chairman’s Award video for 2019 Deep Space Season! We hope we were able to spark an inspiration in the hearts of thousands, not just in our FIRST community.

High quality version of the video can be found in the link indicated below from our YouTube channel as Chief Delphi doesn’t let us attach big files;
INTEGRA 3646 Chairman’s Award Video

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