Cooperation and support provided at Lehigh FMA 2024

So many thanks and much appreciated any and all the help and communication that the entire community of FMA FRC teams! We have a relatively a young team here at FRC 7045 and I was able to share with the 8 freshman team members that throughout the competition that we played In including our third straight return to FMA District Championships! That you all provide any support to any team and I truly the relationships that we have with each other. You all have made a positive impact on our young current team and we wish you all. From spending time looking at our Robot and Code for a crabbing issue, to letting us borrow motors and not letting us return them @frc3142!

You are the all the best and this is the reason that I continue to Mentor even without any children actually competing in the league. Best wishes to all going forward this year and for those who are not thank you for the competition that we have shared! You all are the best.


I hope you and the team had a wonderful DCMP and FMA season experience! I got to speak with your drive team briefly here and there on the field, great students! Best of luck in the off season and we’ll see you next year :slight_smile: