Cooperative auton routines

Just out of my own curiosity and not of any desire to implement in competition, is there any way to connect robots on the field so as to allow say three allied robots to perform a collaborative autonomous routine in close quarters? I’m thinking the robots could communicate by feeding each other positional information to make sure that they stay out of each other’s way. I’ve seen some alliances do something much simpler than this (which is probably a much better idea but I digress) with just pausing and allowing another robot to score, but would it be possible to have all three bots weaving in and out scoring the whole time? Again, just thought that would be cool, wondering if/how it would be possible

I do not know if I’m correct, but maybe if you connect the teams’ driver stations you can share data between them, and then send and get data from each robot through NetworkTables.

Too risky for minimal to no gain.

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All robot networks are isolated from each other; data can’t really be shared by robots mid-match. However, since autonomous routines are fairly predictable, you could work with your alliance partners to design autonomous routines that don’t get in each others’ way (as has been done many times in the past).

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Seeing as physically tethering between you and your alliance driverstations would be illegal (I would argue that any USB tether would be counted as a part of the length of the station, and it would exceed maximum length to go between you and your partner) as well as being out of your alliance station, and seeing as wireless connections are prohibited, you couldn’t just connect to each other.

If you were really into this, and depending on the amount of data you need to send, you could have some sort of LED screen and scanner on each driverstation, say like a barcode that updates every loop that has the field coordinates of that team’s robot on it, along with a pass-through for getting R3’s data to R1, and vice-versa.

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