Coopertition Bonus?

I was looking at and saw a Cooperation Bonus. What is that?

has to do with the fact if the opposing team scores during the match and how much the score. It is to discurage the defender bots (at least it should

Haha. We have 6 Cooperation Points. Darn. But 10 Bonus Hanging Points. A lot of defense going on at GSR today.

You really need to read the manual to get a good idea of how the ranking system works this year. Read section 9 of the manual, located here:

It’s not very long! The information in it is immensely useful, too.

But if you want to UNDERSTAND the ranking system, then I suggest watching a four hour retrospective on the collected speeches of Dean Kamen.


There’s a FOUR hour version? Dang it! I only found the 8 hour one!