Coopertition Bridge points

I’ve searched CD and found no reference to this rule:
If a Robot from each Alliance is Balanced on the Coopertition Bridge when the final score for a Qualification Match is assessed per Rule [G37], each Alliance earns 2 Coopertition Points. If the Coopertition Bridge is not Balanced, but a Robot from each Alliance is **fully supported **by the Coopertition Bridge, each Alliance will earn 1 Coopertition Point. (Bold type mine)
Am I the only one who sees a problem with the 1 point score? Any other time FIRST has used a bridge/ramp and the power is turned, off at the end of the match, robots tend to roll off said bridge/ramp.
Is this a problem or am I all wet? :smiley:

I don’t see why this would be a problem. 1 pt coopertition scores will be rare, for the reasons you describe. When they happen, the situation will probably be a nail-biter for the teams involved. 2 seeding points is a big swing. :slight_smile:

I think Wayne is trying to make a different point. As a practical matter, is it possible for two robots to remain on an unbalanced bridge once their power is turned off?

Fail-safe brake? Maybe a spring-loaded rubber stopper, held up while the power is on and released so it pushes against the polycarbonate surface of the bridge when power is removed?

I understand that some robots will just roll on a slope when power is removed. That’s why 1 pt coopertition scores will be rare.

Thinking over it for a minute I’m not sure it will be that rare to have an unbalanced bridge with both robots on it. At max incline the bridge only tilts around 15 degrees, and with the internal resistance of the drivetrain gearboxes the robots might remain stationary at this angle. Additionally the bridge could be at a lesser angle that doesn’t satisfy the 5 degree balanced rule (say maybe 8 degrees or so) but would still get the 1 point.

If 15 degrees is enough to make robots roll off then it will be a rare sight for 1 coopertition point. Unless a team purposely designs a braking system into their drivetrain or turns sideways once on the ramp they’d slowly roll off after power loss.

Sequence hypothectically -
opponent robots mount the bridge
unable to balance, but both fully supported there
power-off at end of match
5 seconds elapse before scoring posted
during which, the lower robot rolls onto carpet, touching it
scoring 0 points for not supported instead of 1 for supported.
? ? ? ? ? ? is that what you’re thinking?

So the alliance winning at the time (and getting the seeding for a win) will want to be on which side of the tilted ramp - low or high?
that is, furthest to roll to miss the extra point.