Coopertition Petition

So at Team 1912, we get tired of having to add FIRST jargon to the Microsoft Word dictionary. One of our members in particular liked the word “Coopertition” and thought it should be part of the dictionary. So he started a petition. We got some people at CMP, around 200, to sign a petition to make Coopertition a word in the dictionary. However, we would really like to get more support from the FIRST community. Our initial goal is to get 1,912 (our team number) signatures. We would take these signatures and more if they come, and send them to FIRST headquarters. From there we hope that the overwhelming support of students across the country (or world) combined with the power of an organization like FIRST, would convince Webster to add the definition. Based on the FIRST website, the definition would be, “the display of unqualified kindness and respect in the face of fierce competition.” Of course, FIRST would have the final say, because, after all, it is their word.
Just recently we set up an email account named [email protected]. We figured that the best method to collect signatures would for teams to have all in support sign a sheet of paper. We would then ask that teams email us, through the account listed above, a high quality picture of the paper. The signatures need to be legible from the picture. If you would like to do multiple pictures, that is equally welcomed. We would then print out all the sheets in a booklet and mail it to FIRST. Please feel free to add in the number of signature you have, your team number, and any feeling you have about the subject.
Thanks everyone!

It’d be neat if you could make a way to sign up online.