Coopertition points for borrowing minibot

If we were to make two mini bots, and a team were to use one for the entire competition, do we still get coopertition points for letting them use it even if their not in our match/alliance?

no clue i hope so

The rule doesn’t specify match, only that you receive coopertition points. “You,” under the current rules, could be a team not even actually at the event. A team could potentially win the coopertition award at an event they do not attend.

That raises another question: What defines a minibot as “yours”?

Before Team Update 1 ruined our plans :stuck_out_tongue: my team was working on a collaborative design with other teams. Do we have “their” mini bots and do “they” have ours?

Now that would be something!

Remember the seagulls in “Finding Nemo”? If you can say it’s “Mine”, then it’s yours. Otherwise it’s someone else’s.

Although this will probably go through the Q&A here before too long, my bet is that for sake of simplicity it will be coopertition points to the team from which the minibot was deployed. Otherwise, i can see the scoring staff having a terrible time running around asking “who owns that minibot!?!”

Looked into it, here’s the two rules governing Coopertition:

“The Coopertition™ Award celebrates the
team that earns the most Coopertition
points during the competition”

“Coopertition Score (CS)
Any borrowed MINIBOT which scores points by legally triggering the TARGET during the MATCH receives one (1) Coopertition point for the FRC TEAM registered for the event that is affiliated with the MINIBOT.
The total number of Coopertition points earned by a TEAM throughout the qualification matches will be their Coopertition score”

Emphasis mine. Looks like you have to be registered at that event to receive any coopertition points. Sad.

What you can insure cooperation points or award is to mass manufacture your minibots and give it to all the teams for free.

…And that rule is exactly why the majority of FTC teams will not bother building a minibot for a FRC event, even though using one would be perfectly legal. Now if FIRST came out with a update saying that FTC teams could also win the coopertition award, then i really think this award would be more interesting from an FTC standpoint.

Not quite true, because not every team will be able to deploy your minibot. As a matter of fact, not every team will have a deployer. Teams that don’t have a minibot probably won’t build any sort of deployer at all.

So if we are at the same event, and we give a team our bot for the day, then each match they use it we get points?

Only if the other teams choose to use it, and it scores. I think if I had several thousand dollars, I’d come up with a better use for it.

Each match in which it scores.

Now I’ll ask both of you, what are you going to do with that pile of coopertition points you’ve earned?

doesn’t it bump you up in the rankings or something? and you also get the coopertition award?

The rankings this year are based on your qualification score which is detailed in 5.3.3 of The Tournament. It is essentially a win-loss-tie system. You receive 2 qualification points for a win, 0 for a loss, and 1 for a tie.

From there ties in the qualification score are separated using the ranking score which is detailed in section 5.3.4. In a match members of the winning alliance receive ranking points equivalent to the unpenalized score of the losing alliance, and in the case of a loss or a tie the teams receive ranking points equal to the score of their alliance after penalties.

It is essentially a system of determining your relative strength of schedule. One thing to note is that this year it seems that the GDC has gone out of their way in an effort to prevent scoring for your opponent. Therefore, teams will not be able to artificially inflate their strength of schedule.

The coopertition score has no relevance on your seeding.

Feeders may toss logo pieces over the wall. Oppenents’ pegs will be a couple yards away. In 2007, tubes were scored from halfway across the field. I see possibilities.

Agreed, shortly after posting I realized the same possibility, though I do believe scoring in such a manner will be rare.

One last question:
what do the coopertition points do? I’m pretty sure last year they somehow affected your rankings. This year I can’t find any info on it and it seems the only benefit of sharing a minibot is for the coopertition award?

I don’t think teams will benefit from loaning out their robot like they think they will.
Lots of teams struggle simply using their own robot. I can’t see teams who use another teams robot scoring with them because they haven’t had enough time to learn how to use it properly.

Unless its planned ahead.

I agree. I think the only way teams will get a lot of Coopertition points this year, besides blind luck, is if they design with each other and plan it…

Doesn’t that defeat the point of coopertition then?