Coopertition Points?

I know we get one coopertition point when we lend a mini bot that is successfully used by our alliance, but does this have any bearing on any game aspect? It is a wonderful gesture and should be embraced by everyone, but does it have any effect on the rules of the game?

Coopertitions basically dead, there’s nothing else in the rules about it. The only bearing it has is on the coopertition award.

For all Technical Purposes:
From 5.3.7
“The FMS will use the following seeding method:
• TEAMS will be broken into tiers based on their qualification score. A tier is made up of all TEAMS with the same qualification score. Tiers will be seeded in decreasing order by qualification score.
• Within each tier, TEAMS will be seeded in decreasing order by their ranking score.
• If any TEAMS within a tier have the same ranking score, they will then be seeded in decreasing order by their highest match score.
• If any TEAMS within a tier have the same ranking score and the same highest match score, then they will be seeded based on a random sorting by the FMS.”
Co-opertition score effects your rank in no way, it appears just to be a score judges will like to look at

Besides the fact that it increases your odds of gaining at least 10 points if neither of your alliance partners have their own minibot? If they can launch the one you loan them, it comes in at worst fourth.

In my opinion, this assumes quite a bit. The alliance partner’s robot must have a designed area that can hold your loaned mini-bot along with a way of launching it.

You could give a minibot to the opposing alliance as well.

That might actually be advantageous because of the new ranking system. If you know you will win the match (which you never know) you could give the opposing alliance 2 really slow bots, which would bolster their rank score, and therefore your own rank score.

This could be a dangerous move this year, especially considering the important role on score that things like pinning could play. But yes, we probably will see this happen (for GP and rank points) during regionals.