CoopScout: Superior Fun Fast Scouting Mobile App

Introducing CoopScout! Its a super simple scouting app built for quickly scouting intense matches without having to constantly glance down at your phone.

My teammates enjoyed scouting with this app so much that they tried to compete to get assignments before all the scouting slots filled up each match. Heres a gif of scouting a whole match with CoopScout:
Im hosting it on Go there on a phone to test it out.
Source code: GitHub - MeechaPooch/CoopScout: Fast FRC Scouting Web App

You swipe between the game screens and scroll if there are more fields in a section. Its super responsive and fun, and there is self-explanatory offline QR code fallback. Install it as a PWA to get it on the homescreen for ios or android.
It uploads all the data to a google sheet, but you easily edit the record() function in api/sheets.js to use any other database.

Developers! The backend is SUPER modular and self explanatory; and ive built nutty powerful crash resistance, that saves and loads every important objects to and from json. The app is just an html site, so you can easily add more fields to scout.
Happy Scouting and Good Luck at comps!

-Micah from Team 1540: The Flaming Chickens!


I just realize i stopped the server after our last comp… the server is up and running again! Thats

I kinda love this. I haven’t been able to try it since I’m guessing matches need to be happening for them to be assigned but I’m definitely going to take some inspiration from this for WildRank 2.0

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This looks gorgeous, I love how big the buttons are for when you’re scouting a match and teams are scoring a lot and you can’t look down.

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