Coordinate System for Mecanum Drive

OK So what is the coordinate system used for Mecanum.driveCartesian?

This documentation says it’s using NWU so the second parameter is positive to the left. However, this document shows positive to the right and positive down.

The example mecanum project shows the first coordinate system (positive forward, left, up) with :

m_robotDrive.driveCartesian(-m_joystick.getY(), -m_joystick.getX(), -m_joystick.getZ());

But the lateral and rotation are both backward, so to get the system to drive correctly we have to use:

m_robotDrive.driveCartesian(-m_joystick.getY(), m_joystick.getX(), m_joystick.getZ());

Which is positive forward/right/down.

The API docs and example projects are correct. That docs article is out-of-date and incorrect: Axis conventions documentation incorrect for Mecanum Drive. Still states it is NED, rather than NWU as listed in changes for 2023. · Issue #2134 · wpilibsuite/frc-docs · GitHub

This is also being discussed here: I’m going to go through the robot (again) with a fine tooth comb, verify wiring, motor ids, the whole kit and caboodle; but in it’s current state, if I call m_drive.driveCartesian(0.0,0.5,0.0) the robot moves right not left.

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