coordinated shipping between regionals ?

Anyone going to the Buckeye and Great Lakes regionals interested in trying to coordinate shipping between Cleveland and Ypsilanti? It just seems kinda silly to have so many teams going to both and each one of the teams attepting to get their crates from one place to the other on their own. I have set up a pick up for just after the competition with a freight company that will pick up on a Saturday afternoon / early evening - I think our crate is the only one in the truck - What is everyone else doing? Could we all save a little money by using the same truck? FEDEX can’t be the answer - they only work Monday to Friday - so, Anyone interested in this idea?

I think everyone (including myself) is quite confused about shipping logistics. Our understanding is that the drayage company at each event will take the crates back to their site after the event. They can then hold for FEDEX pickup (which is free for at least two shipments) or pickup by any other vendor. thus any personal handling or personally arranging of shipments from the event site is a waste. Probably by design.

Please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

The problem is that FIRST has more or less said the problem of back to back regionals is the TEAM’s problem not FIRST’s.

So… the normal path of robots going back to the drayage company for pickup on Monday is not going to work because by 5:00pm on that same Monday, the robot has to be at the drayage company at the second regional.

We are going to have Yellow Freight pick up our robot from the competition Saturday. This is going to be expensive, especially since we are paying for a Saturday pickup and a rush delivery to Ypsilanti. I don’t know what other teams will be paying but it will cost us almost $500 to make the shipment. I doubt that the cost would double if we had 2 crates.

There are almost 20 teams going to both the Buckeye and Great Lakes Regionals. I suppose that we could get a deal that would bring the costs down for all of us if we all worked together.

Any takers?

Joe J.

We have contacted the drayage company for Ypsi and they told us that teams that have an event the week following should arrange for pickup at the event in order to guarantee delivery in time for the next event. This would mean that you could not use FedEx from Cleveland to Ypsi since they do not pickup on Saturday. All teams who do not have an event the week following can arrange for pickup by FedEx at the drayage company. You should contact the drayage company for the Buckeye Regional to be sure. They were helpful when I called for the Ypsi to Grand Rapids logistics.

I am surprised that this thread has not had more interest. This IS a major problem and very costly in $$$$ and in violation of FIRST rules.

Contact me if you are a Buckeye team going to Great Lakes the next week.

Our shipping coordinator (fancy term for our material person on the team) said that he found out that even if you wait for FED-EX to ship your robot on Monday, you will have to pay a drayage fee until Monday. I forget what he said the drayage fee was, but I remember it did not sound cheap. So in effect, FED-EX shipment is not free.

Okay - we have heard from 2 takers that now understand the rules for getting their robot from one place to the next (if you are attending back to back regionals)
As stated earlier - FEDEX will not get you to the 2nd regional in time to meet the FIRST rules.
We have room on the freight truck from Cleveland to Ypsilanti, Pick up immediately after the competition on Saturday, Guaranteed delivery to drayage Monday (5 PM)
If your team is attending the Buckeye regional followed by the Great Lakes and needs assistance - contact Mike Martus at PCHS, or through this message board. I am positive that you will not ship your crate at a better rate!

Okay - I have heard from 5 other teams that have requested a spot on the Truck back to Ypsi - I’ll be sending out details explaining timing requirements and such in a few days - If I don’t have a email address or phone number someone on your team should send me one.
Teams I have heard from include;
OTC Team#1, Lake Orion Team , HOT Team 67, Team 249, Berkley Bears, and my Team 47 - Thanks for responding, I’ll be talking to each of you very soon.