Copying renames Parameters

I have created a rounded triangle pattern to decrease weight, whose dimensions are controlled by user parameters (d50 = TriBase, d51 = TriHeight, etc.). However, whenever I copy the triangle, instead of the new dimensions referencing the correct user parameters (d53 = TriBase, d54 = TriHeight), it creates new unnamed user parameters for the dimensions to reference (d53 = d55, d54 = d56). How can I copy the triangle while still referencing the same user parameters?

I have posted a CAD here ( with the original (middle), a copy made by remaking the triangle (right), this is what I would like the copy to be, and one actually made by copying (left).

The best way to do this would be to create a triangle and fillet it. Then, after that, cut it out and pattern it down throughout the plate.

Thanks for the response. How do I pattern it down the plate? Will that cause it to update if I change the parameters?

In the sketch, create one triangle where you want to begin to pattern it. Fillet it appropriately, finish the sketch, then cut out the triangle. In the ribbon, select the Rectangular option under Patterns. Select the cut-out triangle, then switch to selecting direction for the pattern. Click a lateral edge along the way you want the pattern to go, then enter a number of instances to create (this includes the starting shape), and the spacing between the instances (the spacing between the starts of consecutive instances, not the space between the end of one instance and the start of the next).

This should not update any parameters, because all it does is replicate a feature with specified parameters.

Also, if your total pattern is symmetrical, you can use the mirror button. i think its somewhere next to the trim button. To do this create a construction line (or real line) in the center of the face. Lets say you want two triangles on each side, 5 and 10 in. from the middle. Make the first two triangles on one sideā€¦ Then click mirror, then select the triangles. Then click the mirror line button in the little toolbox that pops up. Select that center line, click done, and it will mirror your sketch. This can also work at the 1/4 point,left or right, so youd only have to make one triangle in that situation (assuming the numbers work out fine), and so on. This is very helpful in that you could put one hole on the very end, mirror it by the correct fraction, and then repeat that process until youve hit the 1/2 line. BIG time saver.
Hope this helps,

Thanks guys, that helps a lot.