Copyright Questions

I don’t know if anyone else was wondering with this being such a minor thing, but in the manual there are the little 8-bit robots and what I would assume to be “The Boss.” They end each section of the manual and are really cute. I was wondering if they are copyrighted because I would like to use them for button designs and maybe even in t-shirt design. I looked through the papers and it seems like the actual POWERup logo is available but found no information on the other things.

E-mail FIRST and ask for permission.

I would say that unless it is made available on the branding page, you’d have to assume that it is protected. Although, I would contact FIRST because they may be willing to make them available to you.

The bottom of page 2 of the manual has this to say:

So, if you’re doing more than printing out a couple cute graphics for your team to admire, I’d recommend contacting FIRST to get permission.

(As an aside, I’m neither on a team, nor do I believe that I’m a “Partner”; I’m just a volunteer at events. This seems to be saying that “any use” of the manual by me, as I prepare to be a Referee, is “strictly prohibited”. Lawyers say funny things sometimes. Even posting that quote here is “reproduction” or maybe “re-hosting”, though I’m sure it falls under Fair Use.)

That’s why you have to keep it subtle.

Thanks everyone for the help, we manged to contact FIRST and they answered our question.