Anybody know how to get a copy right from a movie like team 842 did for their Matrix theme?

Contact the studio. Google might help.

And what you want are the rights to use (whatever). THEY own the copyright, are not likely to let you have it, that’s why you have to ask permission to use their copyrighted material.

Mention that you are a high school robotics team, and you are using (whatever) for a non-profit, display use (and describe it, like “our Chairman’s Award video submission”).

842’s Chairman video was the last one written and produced by Paul Lazarus, a real life Hollywood director. The next year started the requirement that teams submit a video as part of Chairman’s nomination. Paul, who is now on the GDC, I’m sure knew all about how to use copyrighted material.

We had great fun and learned a lot when Paul and his crew came to our site to shoot our video. he spent two days with us, and it was not just fun but educational. He had asked for some of our home footage in advance and requested certain shots to be made by us. He came up with the Miracles theme and we worked on it from there. I’m sure the process was similar for 842.

There are many short movie slips in our video as well, and special effects. Look at how the headlights behind Jim Carrey in the opening shot turn green, or how the team is reflected in the glasses worn by the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (And check out Dean turning green later on in the video). Link is in my signature.

(And the build scenes are prototyping for Overdrive, just the balls similar to this year’s game).

It’s a shame that Paul is no longer able to do this.