COR Robotics is Looking for Regional Managers

I’ve had the COR Robotics Logo as my icon for a while, but I’ve never really done a good job of explaining what it is…

COR Robotics is a Limited Liability Company that I run on the side of my full time engineering job. The purpose of COR Robotics is to run summer STEM enrichment camps for K-12 students. I’ve been doing these camps since 2016 and they’ve grown a lot since then.

Interest in the camps has expanded so much that I’m now looking for people from other regions to team up with to continue providing more programs for students. Specifically I’m looking for Regional Managers from various states around the US (everywhere except Minnesota and Iowa).

Responsibilities of a Regional Manager:

  • Contact local school districts within a region to set up and establish summer STEM enrichment programs

  • Foster and maintain relationships with local school districts

  • Promote camps to new districts

  • Recruit, train, and hire Camp Facilitators to run camps

  • Manage equipment distribution to ensure all Camp Facilitators have what they need for their camps

  • Engage in regular communication with myself regarding the status of all of the above

Qualities of a Regional Manager:

  • The most important quality of a Regional Manager is that they have a passion for STEM education

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Can be in college or in the workforce

  • Must be effective at communicating via email

  • Must have an interest in growing camps to new school districts

  • Ideal candidates will be well connected to a large network of robotics teams within their region

  • Ideal candidates will have an interest in improving existing camp curriculum, and developing new camp ideas

Perks of being a Regional Manager:

  • The position is very flexible and can be run as a “side gig” to accompany a full time job

  • The effort to income ratio is pretty great

  • You make great connections with many local teams and mentors

  • It makes for a fantastic resume item and provides significant management experience

  • I’ve written tons of recommendation letters and make a great reference during job interviews :slight_smile:

  • Access to tons of fun equipment while camps aren’t in session

I can see myself adding 1-4 new Regional Managers for the summer of 2022. The duties for the position begin around November with reaching out to school districts and making them aware of the camp offerings. I have a training manual for Regional Managers that goes into much more detail that will be shared with new hires.

I’d love to answer any questions in this thread! If anybody is interested in the position feel free to shoot me a message on here and I’d love to chat more!

Thanks, Ryan Swanson


Are you hiring assistant regional managers as well, or only assistants to regional managers?




*But actually no


Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m putting out another call for anybody who might be interested in a Regional Manager position! This summer was super successful and the company is primed to grow! If you’re interested shoot me a message. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the thread!

Asking mostly for others unless your answers are really, really exciting:

How do the financials work? Not looking for exact numbers…just wondering if it’s a profit share, fixed amount, etc.

And is the liability and legal paperwork on you/your entity? Or are your regional folks essentially franchisees needing to hire their own employees, get their own insurance, etc.?

Great questions! Financially it works out such that the Regional Manager would be paid a negotiated amount for each student that signs up for a camp in their region. So the compensation scales to however large of a program the Regional Manager wants to manage. For reference, I’d anticipate my Regional Managers making $5,000 - $20,000 in the summer of 2022 while working 10-30 hours per week.

The liability goes back to my LLC. I maintain the insurance, run background checks on all independent contractors, and manage the finances for the business. Regional Managers would work locally to find/hire people, but the paperwork and other logistics are managed by the company.

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Bumping this thread as this summer is proving the demand for STEM enrichment programs is insane right now, and I’m still looking for additional people to team up with!

Everything from the OP remains true today. I’d love to answer some questions about the opportunity either here, or via DM.

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Following up on this post once again! Still working to find new people to team up with to run summer STEM enrichment programs. Growth in the last 2 years since the OP has been awesome! I’ve added a number of new summer camps which have proven to be very popular.

I’d love to get in touch with anybody who might be interested in learning more! Just shoot me a DM, or ask questions via this thread, and I’d be happy to answer them.