CORE 2062's 2017 Scouting Library


CORE 2062 is proud to release their scouting library for the 2017 season! This was the pilot year for the project that for the past three years was scrapped and recreated. The purpose of our library was to make submitting, displaying and calculating scout submitted data easy and efficient. We used a html web app to create a scout form and a mysql database to store scout submitted data, but only mySql is integral for the library to function. It does not address scout form creation, but does accept data using html post to be put into the system (see prepopulate.php for our example). The library was written in Python because it simple, has good list integration, and is very adaptable for further additions.


-Ranking requests to order robots based on specific category performance
-Documentation for analyzing and adapting code
-In depth team analysis page with picture support to display all raw scout data and calculated data
-Generate match reports for drivers
-Easy to add and change input form values
-Automatically grays out submitted data on the scout team select page
-Built in calculation functions ie: avg,max,min,sum,most common entry
-Export data to csv for further analysis in excel
-Database entries are organized in the hierarchy: Competition name> Team Number> Scout entry
-And more


-pymysql module
-python cgi module
-mySql database
-web host
-RECOMMEND phpmyadmin or adminer or other database viewer for manual viewing or editing scout entries.

Closing Notes:

One important thing that was not addressed is the automatic creation of databases. Currently the only way to create databases is to manually execute SQL to create the database for each competition. This also applies to editing anything that was already submitted, requiring manual SQL queries. Again, this is why I highly recommend a database viewer plugin.
Another quality of life feature is our event scraper program to populate the match schedule for both the scout team select page and the match report generation page. This data can be inputted manually but we recommend using our basic program found in this thread:

Overall, we feel that this system may not be perfect but it does introduce some new ideas like the ranking system and it does alleviate much of the logic intensive work that is associated with creating a new system every year.

If anyone has any questions please leave them in the thread below
Link to the github repository:

home page.png

home page.png

This is a far cry from my days scouting when we still used nothing but pencils and paper :smiley: Looks like it makes life a lot easier!