CORE 2062's 2019 Code Release

Hello everyone,

Here is CORE 2062’s 2019 code release. We’ve been working on a number of different projects throughout the season and into the off-season, so I’m going to be posting links to each of the repositories here.

First we have our 2019 code:

This year, we decided to go with a tank drive train. In addition, we had an elevator and separate manipulators for the hatches and cargo. During auto, we used cameras in order to drive our robot.

Secondly, we have our CORERobotLib:

We have been working on getting our waypoint follower to work over the summer, in order to allow us to follow smooth curves in autonomous with a tank robot.

Third we have our scouting system:

Our scouting system allowed for scouters to look at each of the six robots in each match in order to collect data. We collected data on each of the robots individual capabilities, including cargo and hatch placement, and where the robots can start and end.

Fourth we have our vision testing code:

We started experimenting more with vision, so that we may be able to use vision tracking for next year.

Fifth we have LED lighting:

We decided to work more with LED’s this year to potentially add them to our robot. We didn’t end up adding them this year, but it is something that we are looking into doing in future years.

Sixth we have a basic project for a tank drive robot:

In this project, we made code just for a tank drive train, to allow us to practice driving with our 2017 tank robot.

Seventh we have our basic swerve robot code:

This project we were mainly using for practicing with the swerve drive train. It only has code for the drive train, and not any additional manipulators.

Eighth we have code for our ambassador robot:

This project contains the code for the drive train for the off-season robot that we were working on developing.

Ninth we have our turret code:

This controls a turret that we were working on over the off-season.

Finally we have our web dashboard:

This is the project that we are using in order to create paths for our waypoint follower. It allows us to send paths the robot to quickly test and modify.

Questions and comments are welcome!


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