CORE2062 2023 Drive Train CAD Release

This is our CAD Release for the FRC 2023 game. It is a 6-wheel drop center tank drive that allows for more space for our subsystems in the middle of the robot. This might be beneficial for the pick and place game that may be this year.
If you have any questions, let us know!

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Seems like putting the cart before the horse. I get that teams need to make CAD and materials available, but I never quite understand the “we’re gonna use this next season” branding.

Would you use this design no matter what the game is?

This a CAD release to be compliant with the rules. To me it seems obvious they’d change up the design if it didn’t fit the game. Seems prudent to have something on paper before the season starts.

We plan to use this as a basis for our drive train and make changes depending on how we play the game. For example, we might use different gearboxes or maybe move them into the middle. This saves us time in making another subsystem and allows us to focus on key subsystems designs.
This also makes it so we can use it in the game since you’re not allowed to use past designs unless on the public domain.


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