Cornell wins ECAC quarterfinals

(for anyone who cares about college hockey)
…by knocking off Clarkson 5-0 and 3-2 in overtime.


My stats teacher is a huge Clarkson fan, so on friday, everyone in her class gave her signs that said “Safety School” or “Section O Sucks” (for all of you who have never been to a Cornell game, those things are what the fans chant to taunt the other team. Section O is where all the away fans sit, btw)

Someone from Clarkson said, “They scored 3 goals on power plays.”

Someone from Cornell responded, “No, we scored 5. Two of them were during YOUR power plays.”


Ehh… we inhale audibly this year anyways.

Better dead, than red.

Oh yeah, they play hockey at Clarkson. I think RPI beat them twice this year.