Corner bracket

What level is the corner bracket that connects the horizontal bar to the vertical leg of the pyramid counted as?

Does this answer your question?

I just want to make sure that the bracket is part of the lower level. The picture shows that it is. But I just want confirmation.

Here’s a question (that I believe is what you’re asking) from the Official Q&A:
In the Q&A

Follow that for an official answer.


So, do you know if the corner bracket is part of the lower level or higher level?

It should be clear from the drawing, but the bracket is below the top surface of the horizontal rung, so it is at the same level as the horizontal rung it is holding.

I don’t get why the zone borders are so misunderstood. Any metal below the plane tangent to the tops of the first rung is in level 1. Any metal below the plane that sits on top of the second rung (and is not part of level 1) is part of level 2. All remaining metal in the pyramid is part of level 3.

Hope this helps.