Corner bumpers?

Figure 4-2: BUMPER Corner Examples shows a diagram of a frame with bumpers only on the corners. I interpreted it as just demonstrating how you may position bumpers so that they are flush with each other on the corners. One of the mentors has interpreted it as we may have a bumper gap with nothing protecting the frame…as long as we have at least 8 inches of bumper on the corners.

Thoughts? He wants to have the gap on one side of the bot so that it isn’t as heavy as it would be with a full bumper. I’ve never seen a robot with gaps.

This is correct you only need 8 in of bumper on each side of an exterior corner.

Short answer, yes. Look up 935 this year for an example of what you have drawn.

According to your drawing, you are interpreting the 8 inch length of bumper include the overhang into the corners. That overhang is NOT included in the 8 inches of bumper. You must have a minimum of 8 inches of bumper on either side of the exterior corners of your frame perimeter (as is shown in the image you took from the manual).

Ah yes, I failed to get that detailed when I drew up the diagram. Thanks for pointing that out as a reminder.

To all: Thanks for the response. I’ve never seen that bumper formation before so thank you for clearing it up.

We did this last year with out issue.

…and last year’s rules are relevant to this year how?