Corner Goal Ball Counter

Each of the four corner goals has a ‘counter’ apparatus that counts the balls for points when they go into the goal. My team is in questioning of this counter and whether or not it will be able to count if multiple balls go through the corner goal at once, as there is nothing in the rules or design sheets that would dismiss this thought. So what I am asking is if any of you have an answer to this dilemma.
Based on the Q&A it lookes like it would be able to.

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This might also help.
Search is a wonderful tool. (It’s up in the orange bar at the top of your screen; there is a tutorial linked to in this year’s welcome announcement.)

hey that was my question! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one concerned about this. I’m still unclear as to how they’re differentiating th balls, but I trust that FIRST will make it work.

Actually, in the Q&A there is a question (that it appears you posted) asking just this. From the answer, it is evident that they use a system more complex than a break-beam sensor. Balls in the corner goals are scored using a “vision system” as they enter the goal. And as balls can only transverse the center goal’s chute in single file, it makes sense that a simple photoswitch anywhere along the line would be sufficient to count them.

right, it’s just this “vision system” that is so elusive. I meant i didn’t know exactly what sort of “vision” they intend to use…(This may have been shown at the manchester kickoff, I don’t know)

Maybe those smart people at FIRST decided to take advantage of their resources. I’m betting 2:1 that they’re using a CMUcam to count the balls.

They ain’t!

It appears that they’re using some sort of standard digital camera to view the goal, and doing the sorting work/algorithm from a desktop. Maybe they just have somebody counting the balls from a screen off-field. Wouldn’t that be a job!

FIRST got help (maybe the entire system) from a major company that makes vision counting systems for industrial use. I don’t have any fear of the counters not working.


this has been discussed ad nauseam in at least three other threads. Please see Dave Lavery’s post here .