Cornerstone 2005

Is anyone going to cornerstone This year? It is a huge music festival in Illinois.
Four days long and over 300 bands.

What kind of bands?

There are all kinds of bands there. There all Christan bands. If you like hardcore they have the best Hardcore show, but if you don’t they have tons of different types of music.

I’ve got my IRA fully invested in USAAs Cornerstone Fund…

Oh, you mean THAT Cornerstone. :slight_smile: Won’t be there, only plans are for HFStivfal and Wared Tour. A few other shows here and there, but nothing major.


My local ‘crew’ (765 represent!!!) and i have been talking about going, cuz we love us some hardcore.

As far as them all being christian bands, thats the idea but i must say that alot of the bands that play there aren’t christian, the only rule i think is that you have to have a christian in the band.

now the festival i’m really excited about is the “sounds from the underground” tour. can anyone say GWAR!!! hahah