Corporate-sponsored teams!

Posted by Patrick Dingle at 1/8/2001 11:53 AM EST

Other on team #639, Red B^2, from Ithaca High School and Cornell University.

Our team is in the process of putting together a presentation that we will be showing to a number of potential corporate sponsors, and we could use some help.

Specifically, we would like some quotes from companies that already sponsor FIRST teams. We are looking for anything from brief quotes to paragraphs or even letters on the following topics:

  • How sponsoring a FIRST team has helped the company (general)
  • How financially sponsoring a FIRST team has been a valuable investment
  • How providing engineering assistance to a FIRST team has effected the general atmosphere of the company.

If anyone out there already has some of these quotes, or would like to ask your sponsor for brief responses to these questions, we would greatly appreciate the information! We are in the process of trying to locate a long-term corporate sponsor for our team.

Patrick Dingle
T639 - Red B^2
Ithaca High School & Cornell University

Posted by Mark Garver at 1/8/2001 12:23 PM EST

Student on team #68, Truck Town Terror, from Waterford Kettering/OSMTech Academy and General Motors Truck Group.

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Posted by Patrick Dingle on 1/8/2001 11:53 AM EST:

Check out the Chief Delphi White pages (at the top)

Posted by Matt Leese at 1/8/2001 1:15 PM EST

Other on team #73 from Edison Technical HS and Alstom & Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Posted by Patrick Dingle on 1/8/2001 11:53 AM EST:

This has to be my favorite quote from a corporation (well NASA) about FIRST:

“There is no altruism involved in this at all. I know what missions NASA is going to fly in the next 20 years. I know what sort of expertise is required to build the next generation of Sojourner. I need those people… If I can get 1,000 students a year through the FIRST program excited about science, technology and engineering, even if 95 percent of them never go through to a Ph.D. program in robotics engineering, that is still 50 robotics Ph.D.'s I can hire.”
-David Lavery
NASA’s Program Executive for Solar and Planetary Exploration