Corraling the ball

Our frame designers are trying to give us the to center the ball if it hits the front edges of our frame. I’m just wanting to know how you guys are planning on doing it, and if you could give us some hints.


Care to rephrase the question?

Search the forums for “ball magnet”.

sorry for the inclarity, and thanks for the search topic

I was just trying to figure out about what some other teams were going to do to keep the ball centered when going around the arena.

We are planning on having a wide kicker, so the ball does not need to be centered.

One of these days we’ll get our robot to actually kick a ball…we hope…

I know how you feel about the maybe soon we will be able to kick a ball.

Back on topic, our team is planning to have a cut out in the frame (less than 3 inches of course) that will put the ball centered.

We figured that having a wider area for the ball to go into, would make it easier to get a hold of the ball. Making the robot so that it can handle the game pieces easily (without having to aim carefully) really helps your scoring ability.

Our 2 side kickers go the complete length of the frame and our front and rear kickers narrowly miss the side bars. We have successfully kicked the ball with all four kickers.

Now we have to figure out how to hold on to the ball

According to Section Seven,

"POSSESSION: Controlling the position and movement of a BALL. A BALL shall be considered in POSSESSION if, as the ROBOT moves or changes orientation (e.g. backs up or spins in place), the BALL remains in approximately the same position relative to the ROBOT."

Therefore, any method of centering the ball must not lock it into position for any portion of time. (Or a penalty will be "awarded" to the offending team- <G43>) :ahh: In real soccer, players use the sides of their feet when kicking for greater control and precision. 

Solution- use a wide kicker, don't corral the ball into a position that it can't get out of during movement.

<G43> does not prohibit POSSESSION, it limits POSSESSION to one ball at a time.

I have noticed that sooooooo many people are having the same misinterpretation. I know that our team did to begin with, and I wish that there was some way to get it through to each and every team. You can posses one ball. I will say that again, **YOU MAY POSSES ONE BALL!!! ** Hopefully that will catch peoples attention!

what will catch peoples attention?

jk… thanks everyone