Correct me if im wrong, chairman's award

Hey folks,

I am not a rookie to first, but i am to the chairman’s award and just about everything dealing w. it. At the 2004 northeastern i overheard someone say that if we applyed for the chairman’s award, or the woody flowers award, that our entry fees to nationals is waved. This sounds too good to be true.
Also, can anyone point me to the site where we can allpy for a nasa grant?

Please clue me in on this.


M. Hicken

Wow, thats pretty crazy that somebody would say that. I have never heard of an instance where FIRST has ever waved an entry fee. Sorry, whoever said hasn’t got a clue.

Yea, David’s right. The only connection between Chairman’s Award and nationals is that if you win Chairman’s Award at nationals, you are always eligible to attend nationals after that (you still have to pay of course, your just always able to go). That’s the only thing that award or Woodie Flowers would ever give you though (other than the award itself of course). Sorry you got your hopes up.

Our team has won the, regional, Chairmans award and to the best of my knowledge we still were required to pay for the Chapionships (FIRST dollars not accepted). As to the NASA Grant, I belive Dave Lavery mentioned it here and here (post #10) . Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help.

I believe the NASA grants are focused on first and second year teams and
are pretty competitive because so many new teams are forming.

Based on your team number (219) that might not be your situation.

Check the rules section noted above.