CORRECTED 2014 Encrypted Game Manual

Making this a new thread so that hopefully people will see it:

FIRST updated the FRC Blog post with and REVISED version of the 2014 Encrypted Game Manual. You can download this corrected version here: Be sure to spread the word so that teams aren’t reading an incorrect version of the manual after Kickoff tomorrow. ::rtm::

I Just downloaded it, thanks for the post.
Good Luck in the oncoming Season!

That’s super strange because the manual page ( doesn’t show a Rev B Version.

Highly suspect,

  • Sunny G.

How do you download it?

Right click on the link and select “Save Target As”.

Use the link in the blog post. It appears that as of 6:07pm EST, the frc-manual page doesn’t have the updated version.

An md5 checksum appears to confirm this. I downloaded 2014GameManualEncrypted.pdf at 5pm today from the site after hearing about the change, but it appears to have a different checksum (and therefore presumably different contents) from the 2014GameManualEncrypted_RevB.pdf file linked in the blog post.

...$ md5sum 2014*
6439c2d7d49c4aa33b15f66ada46d560  2014GameManualEncrypted.pdf
12d7746ed8eaab35e6c88127aeb3c667  2014GameManualEncrypted_RevB.pdf

So use the blog link for now.

The Rev B also appears to be ~500kB smaller, suggesting it is not the same file unless they created PDFs separately with different compression schemes.

Considering they didn’t reblog for this, I’d say the changes are minor. They probably just shrunk some images to make the file smaller.

They said it was a formatting error. Nothing major.

i just finished decrypting the manual

its a water game :wink:

What is the encryption key?