Correcting a mistake in ordering

Hello. Today my team received a set of SDS MK4i modules. The problem was, we ordered them with falcon pinions, and we only have Neos. I was wondering if the kit linked below is everything we need to use our NEOs with these modules. Thanks in advance.

This should allow you to use NEOs with the MK4i
Quote from AM: “This Pinion Kit is used to allow NEO Motors to interface with the SDS MK4i Modules.”

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I don’t know much about swerve, but I do know that you’re going to want external encoders for the NEOs. Not sure if this is already accounted for in the MK4i.

I’ve heard good things about these:

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You might get SDS or the vendor you bought them from, to exchange the pinions.

Yep, you will need one of these kits per module to switch from Falcon pinions to NEO pinions.

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