Corrupted Robot Builder File

As far as I can tell, our robot builder file is corrupted. When we attempt to open it from the folder, it tries to load for a couple seconds and proceeds to do nothing. I attempted to open it from the command console, and got an error that said “Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” while scanning for the next token. Found character ’ ’ that cannot start any token”. Not sure if there is a way to fix this, or if there’s a quick way to reinstall robot builder. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

This error message leads me to believe that RobotBuilder is attempting to open whatever YAML file it opened/saved last, but it finds a tab character in the file, which is invalid in YAML. It is possible that this file was opened and modified in a text editor that uses tabs by default, thus corrupting the file.

If you know what YAML file RobotBuilder is trying to open, I would suggest opening that file in a text editor and deleting any tab characters, fixing the indentation of the lines on which those characters appeared if necessary, and then attempting to open RobotBuilder again.

If you believe that the RobotBuilder JAR file itself is corrupted, you can prompt reinstallation of RobotBuilder and the accompanying WPILib tools by renaming your wpilib directory (typically found at C:\Users[username]\wpilib on Windows) to wpilib.old or deleting that directory. Then, open Eclipse. If the WPILib plugins for Eclipse are installed, the wpilib directory will automatically be reinstalled on startup.

If you do not have Eclipse or the WPILib plugins for Eclipse, follow this guide at to get them.

Good luck!