Cost Accounting for 2005 breaker panel

I was a little surprised when I noticed this rule and wanted to highlight it in case anyone else missed it.

Per the following:
<R47> An additional part or material is defined as an allowed additional quantity of any part provided in the 2006 kit, or any part that was not included in the 2006 Kit’s inventory list.

<R50>The cost of additional non-spare robot components obtained from Innovation First Inc. other than speed controllers and Spike relays are to be included in the above $3500 limit.

Meaning that if we use the 2005 breaker panel per <R54> we need to account for its additional cost in our BOM. I initially had thought this item was exempt based on the substitution being allowed. As I read this now, while looking at a preliminary cost list, I must add the price. I wanted to see that other people saw this now rather than in crunch time.