Cost of liability insurance policy for FRC team?

My team has an opportunity to move to some exceptionally well-equipped workspace (CNC mill, manual mill, lathe, CNC plasma, sheet metal equipment, TIG/MIG welders, etc) but we’ll need a liability insurance policy.

Does your team need a policy like this? How much does it cost? Have you had any luck with a school or insurance company sponsoring the amount?

We’re covered under our school’s policy, would that be an option for you?

I’m hoping so, perhaps being qualified as a “school team” or “school club” gets us under the school’s liability insurance.

If not you could always go the 4H or Venture Crew rout. That can give you insurance and protection for your mentors.

Could you please explain?

4-H is a national organization. Talk to the 4-H teams about that setup (1902 comes to mind, as does 1501).

By Venture Crew, I think IndySam means Explorer. A Venture Crew is a co-ed unit in the Boy Scouts designed for higher-level scouts to do high-adventure things (backpacking, etc.–but robotics could count). Explorer is a related sort of thing; I think Rick TYler’s teams are under Explorers (though I’m not sure Explorers are under BSA).

Venturing is usually more relaxed than Boy Scouts. It’s more activity-focused and less merit-focused. A lot of crews are specialzed in one area, such as backpacking, hiking, water activities, etc. My crew went hiking for a week in the White Mountains last summer, and next summer we’re going to Philmont. Robotics could probably also count.

Exploring is also under BSA, according to Wikipedia. The last paragraph of the article explains the split between Venturing and Exploring (I’m not familiar with that program, so I won’t go trying to explain stuff I don’t know about).

Sorry it was a hit and run post but I knew others would fill in.

As explained being part of one of these groups bring insurance and in some cases even medical insurance.

4H is traditionally for things like farming and home arts but they have really branched out. As mentioned several FIRST teams are 4H.

As Kara mentioned Venturing is the young adult, co-ed part of Boy Scouts. It is mostly about the outdoor experience but many scout councils will allow more tech-ed focused groups. Exploring (Learning for Life) was part of the BSA but was spun off from scouts. Many scout councils also offer Exploring. Contact your local scout council to see which program could be appropriate and what benefits being part of these groups can bring.

Our insurance coverage for all members of our team are $1.00 per person per year for 4-H coverage.

This is SUPPLEMENT insurance to your own, meaning your own insurance should cover any problems first. Then if there is anything else left over 4-H insurance will pay. In six years, I’ve only had one incident. And that was in 2006 when one of my students twisted his knee playing dodge-ball at Boilermaker. Of all things for a student to get hurt right??? geez…

Mr. James, you need to be very careful with school insurance. Most public school systems are self insured and do not cover outside activities that are not at county owned facilities. Team 1086 knows this first hand we work at our major sponsor Flexicell, luckly we never had an accident but when the school system disclosed that fieldtrip paperwork did not insure the team. The parents took matters into their own hands, rather than waiting for the school system that had already been given ample time to remedy this situation. I can get you more details if you email me. Team 1086 is not a 4H team but we might be looking into this real soon.

We buy our own insurance as we are not associated with a school but operate under our own 501c3 non-profit corporation. This is not cheap though and costs us about $3000 a year. So if you can get insurance through 4-H or a similar organization, go for it. But do check out what it covers.

Our policy covers not just accidents in our workshop, but also at events and during travel to events. And there is coverage for mentors liability as well. (This is important. There has been several cases in the news where chaperones have been sued big time).

If you need more info PM me.

Thanks to everyone for their input!

We’re still in the process of working out the paperwork, but it sounds like we can work out a no-cost solution. We’re actually going to be working at a vocational school, so everything should work out.

Oh, I forgot about that. We have the same. For trips for travel we have to take out a special policy. There is a premium for EACH TRIP, but I seemed to remember the premium was $15 or so for the whole team. Students and Mentors. It covered us on the trip for the 3 days we was away traveling. So yes, we also have the same where on trips for travel, we fill out a rider form, and mail the premium amount. It’s a pretty easy process for our 4-H team.

EDIT…I found it. The rate is 0.23 cents per person per day.

We visit this website link, and fill out the form each time we leave.