cost of pneumatic actuators

Has anyone priced the pneumatic actuators called out in the manual? I’ll call a supplier on monday, but I’m looking for a rough cost for budgetary purposes in the $3500 roll-up, since we can use as many as we want.

Duh - I finally followed the website through. Here’s the link for pricing info on any cylinder from Bimba:

Looks like they’re anywhere from $20 for a 3/4" short stroke to about $100 for a 2" dia 12" stroke with a magnetic sensor. I talked to the local rep and she said they should have less than 1 week turnaround if they’re in stock, which I’m assuming the free ones are anyway.

You can get some free oneumatics stuff from first!!! last page of the pneumatics manual!!!

Life is good when one of the biggest bimba distributors in the SE is your sponsor. :slight_smile:

props to mark there for crazy use of exclamation points… he really can get that excited in real life. but my question would be, if we can get new compressors from bimba, or any other supplier. the manual lists them at $60 so if they are found elsewhere, then where?