Costs of NI cRIO modules

I did do a quick search for this, so bear with me if I totally missed the answer.

Anyways, I’m on the fence about buying the cRIO II with modules, or without. We currently have 2 of each module, aside from the 9472, which controls the solenoids as I recall.

We’re hoping to use the cRIO I in our practice chassis, and/or practice bot. So I think I’d like to have a full set of modules for both bots. What I’d like to know is two-fold, I guess:

  1. Does anyone know the FRC team price for a new 9472 module?
  2. Do ya’ll think it’s worth the extra $240 for the cRIO II and the three modules we use currently?

It depends on what you want to accomplish !! Answer that then you will have the problem solved.

We have several complete cRios. Training, demos, etc. I’d suggest figuring out what do you want to do in the areas of training, demos, and competition.


Several complete sets are well beyond our financial means at 2656. To answer your question, we’d just like to have a complete second set for a practice bot, which might also double for demos in the off-season.

If I understand correctly you have the following, plus a cRio I chassis.

  • qty 2 - 9201 - analog input
  • qty 2 - 9403 - digital I/O
  • qty 1 - 9472 - digital sourcing ( solenoid base driver )

If you want to have two control systems, by getting a chassis, and moving a 9201 and 9403, thence comes the questions, a’ha !!

Looking at the full retail price of the NI 9472, it is $ 99.

The only way to find out if there is a discounted price structure is to contact NI at the same phone number that you call to get the cRio II. It would not surprise me if there is not a discount price for the single item.

If you have enough cRio chassis of any vintage I don’t see enough advantage to warrant spending the money if it isn’t in the budget.

I just purchased (on Friday) two empty cRIO II chassis and two 9472 modules for 294. We have sufficient spare analog and digital modules that we can fully populate the two chassis. NI gave us the FIRST discount on both of the empty chassis and the discounted price for each 9472 was only slightly less than the $99 on the website. If you have the spare analog and digital modules this will definitely be a cost savings compared to buying a fully populated cRIO II.

WOW, they let you buy two empty for the discounted price? This was not what we were told when we called.

Did you already buy an old cRIO this year?

Nope, we will call them back and try again…

Indeed they did. The guy went off the phone for a bit to get the discount confirmed but it went through and my invoice shows two empty chassis for $570 total ($285 each). Schedule ship date is 25-Nov.

Interesting… I asked if we could get two empty cRIOs and was told “no” so we’re getting 2 plus the 3 modules, total price just about $960 with the shipping and taxes in. Expected ship date is 24NOV2011.

Teams can use their 2011 allocation to get 2 of either the controller-only or full IO kit (any combination). In addition teams can go ahead and use their 2012 allocation as well if they already used their 2011 allocation and/or wish to purchase additional 4-slot controllers or IO kits. We want teams to have a sufficient opportunity to get the new controllers.

Since this is a change from last year there may be some confusion and so I’ll go clear that up with NI Sales.


My apologies, but I just want to clarify…are you saying that teams that have not used their 2011 allocations are able to get two 4-slot cRIO II controllers (1 controller-only, 1 full kit), and then use their 2012 allocations to get two additional 4-slot controllers (1 controller-only, 1 full kit), for a total of four cRIO II’s?

Yup. Teams can get up to four at discount of any combination for the remainder of the year.