COTS computing device doesn't come with all parts, is cost just part or sum of system?

We got a Intel NUC for $450 to use for vision processing. However nucs do not come with a storage device or ram. We do have one option available (30 for ram and 20 for cheap ssd) to make the total cost fall under $500. However we could get a faster drive (to minimize the boot time after robot power up) and more ram but would bring the price over 500. Now as this device does not have any alternate configuration with those parts included I do not think it falls under the rule that the cost is the sum of the parts and in this particular instance even if total sum of parts is $600 it seems as though it would be allowed as the COTS computing device(albeit incomplete one) costs under the single part cost limit.

If the parts are available separately, and can be used in alternate configurations, feel free to list them separately on the BoM.
From the blue box for R13, emphasis mine:

If a COTS item is part of a modular system that can be assembled in several possible configurations, then each individual module must fit within the price constraints defined in R13.

If the modules are designed to assemble into a single configuration, and the assembly is functional in only that configuration, then the total cost of the complete assembly including all modules must fit within the price constraints defined in R13.

The situation you described fits the first description much better than the second.

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