COTS Elevator / Lift

Okay, I swear I’ve looked into this for an amount of time where I’m starting to wonder if my memory is playing tricks on me. I’m doing my typical Offseason prep for whatever might be required for next season. I recall that there was a COTS elevator offered by one of the normal FRC vendors (AM, VEX/WCP, REV…) that was driven by a motor with planetary off to the side on the bottom and had 2 chain runs, one on each side, with a cable run up the middle to the second stage. Yet the only elevator design I can seem to find is the Greyt system. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Did it get pulled off the site at some point?

You may be thinking of the Thriftybot Thrifty Elevator kit. It matches your description.


Haha! Indeed good sir! Thank you very much.

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