is this considered cots or pneumatics? it is not a bimba or parker cylinder but we have purchased it off the shelf.

the rules say “<R105> There is no limit to the number of solenoid valves, air cylinders, pressure regulators, and
connecting fittings that may be used on the ROBOT. They must, however, be “off the shelf”
pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for pressure of at least 125psi. Besides the
“free” pneumatic components listed on the Pneumatic Components Order form, additional
air cylinders or rotary actuators may be purchased. However, they must be identical to
those listed on the Pneumatic Components Order form (i.e. same part numbers), and
obtained from a Bimba or Parker Hannifan distributor.”:confused:

It appears to me that the item you want is indeed COTS, but also that it violates <R105> because it is a pneumatic cylinder that is not listed on the special FIRST Bimba order form.

Note however, that you COULD buy the above assembly, remove the cylinder from it, replace it with a “coupon-equivalent” cylinder, and get the same function. Since the cylinder itself is a “coupon pneumatic”, this now becomes legal, because it is “a legal assembly that is DRIVEN by a legitimate cylinder”. (That is, as long as it’s not a “dangerous device”. I wouldn’t want a powered toggle clamp on MY robot - It’s a finger masher!)

BUT… You could get the same thing much CHEAPER by either taking a manual toggle clamp or make the equivalent from scratch, and THEN attach a coupon cylinder to it. Heck… Why buy an expensive device, just to throw away the most valuable part of it???

So, what subtask are you actually trying to accomplish with a “powered toggle clamp”? IMHO that’s a very dangerous devce to put on a FIRST robot. Maybe we can help you design a part to do what you need to do, that would be safer.

  • Keith

Chief Engineer, Team 1502, “Technical Difficulties”